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Where are the best places to rent in Newcastle?

Newcastle is fast becoming one of the UK’s most popular places to live, work and enjoy. When choosing your next property however, there is a huge range of locations to choose from, and for those making their first move to the city this can be a difficult and daunting prospect. So here is our simple guide to the better-known locations and a brief description of what you can expect.

Newcastle City Centre

The city centre is a popular place to live. It is no wonder really – within a ten minute radius you will find 2 highly rated universities, a college, several theatres, cinemas, bars, restaurants, museums and one of the country’s top-rated hospitals. There is a wide range of flats, apartments, penthouse apartments, studio flats and houseshares available for rent to suit most budgets between £150 and £10,000 per month.

Newcastle Quayside

Newcastle’s iconic quayside is well-known across the world. The unmistakable profiles of the Tyne Bridge, Millennium Bridge and Swingbridge are featured in photographs and paintings on many home and office walls. There are scores of apartment blocks across the length of the quayside from Forth Banks in the West to St. Peter’s Bain in the East. Prices and specifications vary, depending on how close they are to the river, the bridges and of course how much of that stunning view you can see. As they say – if you can’t get a garden, get a balcony. If you can’t get a balcony, get a view!


Better known as a ‘student’ area, Jesmond is located a mile or so outside of the city centre. It features predominantly Victorian houses and flats, and there certainly are a huge number of student lets. There are a large number of residential streets with residents who have lived there for many years. It is described by many as being a location for the more well-off students. It has numerous hotels, bars and restaurants and it is served by 2 Metro stations with fast links to the city centre. Rental prices range from around £300 per room to several £000 for a flat each month.


Located to the West of Newcastle City Centre, this area is generally more suited to those on a budget, with rental prices falling the further out of the city centre you travel. There is a great deal of cultural diversity in this area of the city outskirts. Recent research showed that in one of the primary schools, there were over 30 languages spoken by the pupils. Houseshares are popular in this area. There is no Metro station however buses to the city centre are frequent.

Gosforth and South Gosforth

Gosforth is located 2-3 miles North of the city centre. Properties range from Tyneside flats to substantial multi-room mansion-style houses with swimming pools. Student numbers tend to be fewer here, with more tending to gravitate towards the smaller properties in South Gosforth. Flats in this area are typically around £500-600 per month. Both areas have Metro Stations with a 10 minute ride to the city centre.

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Tony is branch manager of the Newcastle Office.